Introducing 'PHRASE TO PHRASE' Communication
(PATENT No. GB2479757)

TouchPhrase allows people to communicate face to face or over the internet without requiring a keyboard or voice. This is particularly useful for people who have a condition where their voice or movement has become restricted.


With the addition of instant translation, TouchPhrase can switch language between users; a perfect solution for millions of people where language is a barrier.

TouchPhrase enables all Forms or Menus to be made available to Customers in a multitude of languages. It can also switch language between users instantly.


TouchPhrase is more than translation, it enables a '2-way conversation' within the Form or Menu allowing freedom of choice, saving costs and frustrations.

TouchPhrase's Emergency SMS Message system can ensure that difficult communication could continue in emergency situations. This includes switching languages and would be particularly useful for Schools and Emergency Services.

TouchPhrase ensures that any Social Network is totally safe, especially for young children and vulnerable adults.


With the addition of a translation interface, TouchPhrase can open instant, accurate communication between millions of people worldwide.          

TouchPhrase can provide communities, companies and organisations around the World with the ability to communicate with their Members, Customers or Staff globally without language being a barrier.


Using TouchPhrase, personalised Chat Rooms can be created and added to a website with a choice of subjects, phrases and languages  for private or open use.


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